VJS Officers

Officers of the Vanguard Justice Society, Inc. take pride in serving as advocates to identify or resolve issues that may result in inequities against Baltimore’s minority police officers and the communities they serve. With uncompromising integrity and accountability, VJS officers are steadfast in executing policies and procedures that are in line with the goals of law enforcement.

The Vanguard Justice Society, Inc. is comprised of the following elected members for the year 2010-2012:

Executive Board

President Kenneth B. Butler
Vice President Lisa D. Robinson
Secretary Stacy Ennis
Sgt.-At-Arms Melvin Santiago
Treasurer Edward H. Wilson

Board of Directors

Chairperson Louis Hopson
Board Member Natalie Preston
Board Member Tashema Gary
Board Member Troy Blackwell
Board Member Melvin Jurado

Other Key Vanguard Positions

Office Manager Cynthia A. Wilson