Our President


Welcome to all Community Members Brothers & Sisters,

Law Enforcement has experienced enormous scrutiny in recent times which is absolutely necessary as both citizens and law enforcement have suffered abuse and violations of civil rights. Legitimacy of law enforcement in the eyes of the public has been eroded. The success of Law enforcement requires collaborative efforts of Law enforcement, the community and the judicial system. The required overall necessary philosophy to accomplish returned legitimacy is SERVICE through Procedural Justice; emphasizing Fairness, Voice, Transparency and Impartiality. Procedural Justice must be accomplished through External and Internal processes of Law Enforcement organizations.

The Vanguard Justice Society Inc. seeks to focus on the positive forward movement of law enforcement service, however uncomfortable it may be. Just as the founders and past trailblazers of this organization were passionate about its purpose, I am passionately and committed to its purpose of service and advocacy. It is our responsibility to educate, advocate, develop and lay a solid foundation for the future service in law enforcement. The opportunity is now present for this organization along with its collaborators to guide law enforcement throughout this country.



Lisa D. Robinson, President

Vanguard Justice Society, Incorporated

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